autistic fragilistas

Posted in Uncategorized by sarkology on April 20, 2013

Asperger types tend to fester relationships not meant to be until they explode. As opposed to neurotypical relationships-not-meant-to-be, which just organically peter out not with a bang but a whimper. They pay too much attention to what they can understand in a rationalistic fashion and ignore what is not amenable to set rules as to how one should conduct a relationship. This is why they can seem superficially nice and ok until they break into a fit of furious rage, or something like that. Whereas in the case of a neurotypical, they would just politely part company before shit got too unbearable.

But if you have read yourself some Taleb, you’ll know that this phenomenon is not confined to autistics. But is rather a symptom of modernity itself. Banks and even entire nations like to promise themselves a steady income whilst ignoring Knightian uncertainty, leading to massive blowups like financial crises. Hubris is pretending your worldview is more expressive than it can be. The solution to not-enough-rationality seems always to be yet-more-rationality. Ironically, with predictably yet-more-disastrous results.


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