dangerous ideas

Posted in Uncategorized by sarkology on April 17, 2013

There is an easy way to take reason more seriously, and that is to reduce the dependence of your values on it. Or as Taleb would put it, your exposure. But alas that would reduce its utility as a fitness indicator. Because you see reason is a game smartypants like to play while hypocritically not taking the conclusions it produces seriously. And as any lawyer knows, this actually takes a lot of work. As you accumulate more and more insane reasoned conclusions so you would also need to accumulate more and more immune defenses excusing yourself from such conclusions ruining your life. Intelligence likely evolved to help humans handle this mess of a legal system, but it cannot be denied that intelligence is socially impressive as well. This explains why clever nerds prefer to take the hard way of taking reason seriously. Which is to take it even more seriously while increasing their exposure to it. They can afford the excuses smaller minds cannot muster. The more skilled a stuntman the more death defying will be the stunts he attempts. That is simply how we go about showing off our chops.


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